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exo m Kris <3
KrisFanboard ♡ on. Wu Yi FanKris ...
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Sounds like goodbye to me T-TDon't leave Kris
Taeil ...
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Latest Industry: YouTube, BTS, Cardi B, FlipTix, Targetspot, NetGear, Viagogo, More…
Park Seo Joon
K-Pop in the US: a massive fire, or just a lot of
Dylan Wang
Kpop Critical #12 - "Oppa has a sugar daddy" edition Anonymous 12/09/18 (Sun) 09:19:26 PM No.
... first scene with Lee Min-Ho & Park Shin-Hye (Aug.22 @ Paju, South Korea) ...
... has done a solo as well as two OSTs and appeared on radio shows doing song covers, my absolute favorite Kpop vocal, was in a ballad rock band called ...
... first day of filming for Park Shin-Hye (Aug.16 @ wedding hall in Gangnam, Seoul) ...
that is part of his natural charm ^^Donghae.... Don't worry, Sweetheart, I'll teach you! ;)
XiuMin ...
Happy happyyu birthday kris Wu oppa.... #Sarangae...😘😘😍
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Faith @ The Great Doctor
... first day of filming for Lee Min-Ho (Aug.22 @ Paju, South Korea) ...
BaekHyun ...
The New 'Oppas' Of Meteor Garden's F4 Are Totally Gorgeous | Teenage Magazine
exobabyweareone12: “ I think D.O is like me on a photo ^-^ ”
JYPE's upcoming new girl group ITZY look like the rip-off version of Twice. What's with kpop companies debuting the same talentless shit every single time.
Drama name: The Perfect Match Plot: Huo Ting En, a Cordon Bleu head chef at La Mure finds his path crossed with Wei Fen Qing a meager chef at a ...
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... Lee Min-Ho & Park Shin-Hye (Sept.16 @ Huntington Beach, Orange County) ...
first script reading August 5, 2013 at SBS Production Center ...
... Lee Min-Ho & Park Shin-Hye (Sept.22 @ Balboa Park, San Diego) ...
first script reading August 5, 2013 at SBS Production Center ...
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first script reading August 5, 2013 at SBS Production Center ...
Darren Chen
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EXO's Chanyeol to play Park Shin Hye's brother in upcoming drama 'Memories of the Alhambra'
The Heirs - Korean Drama
[ IMG]
The Hwarang idols and actors that still hangout together and support eachother 1,5 year after filming the drama. The group includes idols BTS Taehyung, ...
first script reading August 5, 2013 at SBS Production Center ...
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T-ara's Jiyeon
... then gave kpop fans blue balls for the next few years as they never delivered on that duet they wanted.
T-ara's Jiyeon
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Cheng ...
... but according to taeil he acts more korean than the korean members, appeared on the show abnormal summit for awhile, talents: throwing shade 24/7
[ IMG]
Una pregunta que siempre he querido hacerlas🤔 Shin🍉 #kpop #livekdrama # doramas #oppas #oppasxsiempre #saranghaeyokimheechulwooyubiccalkimheechul #sarangae ...
She even makes a cameo in ...
ChanYeol ...
... has only lived in korea for about a year but his korean is really improving, just wants ice cream, official group position: flipping and ...
snsd has less views than most of twice's music, doesn't mean they weren't huge.
play video 陈奕❤ 魏蔓- Taiwanese 🇹🇼 drama 噗通噗通我愛你
Members (cont.)
вє уσυя σωи ѕυиѕнιиє ✨ #shinebrighterthanthesun #wink #cutiepie #chuu #bridgeoflove #
D. ...
Connor Leong
Omg I'm so proud and happy for everyone and Yoona😱😱😱😱
follow @kxssgrim for more ~ Drama name: Love and π Plot: The big city promises an exciting backdrop to learn about life and love for three friends. Zhao Wu ...
Lmao he's desperate, if it's just 1 song and not on iTunes US it would be more convincing.
>Please stop criticizing their vocals. It would be better off if we ignore it for good. Got it? Good.
Selena-Gomez-&-Justin-Bieber. “
What makes it more cringe worthy is that it didn't happen just once. You'd think she'd know what to do after her first blank out experience, but nah.
Memory Love. #MemoryLove #DramaTaiwanes #WeiMandy #ChenAndy #JolinChien #TaoMandy #
EXO's Suho is the 'richest man in the world' for 'Rich Man' drama poster
But then he said he has nothing to do with it
... first scene filmed in the United States (Sept.8 @ almond farm in California) ...
This drama is a little bit confusing in the end but it's great to watch if
Kang Hyuk or Kang Hoo ??!! . . This sesoo parallel tho,
Article: Amber "I was disappointed in myself for my lack of Korean fluency"
2) Kris Wu – “Bad Girl”