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Eindpresentatie Port Defender 2018 op het MEA NLMARSOF
Eindpresentatie Port Defender 2018 op het MEA. NLMARSOF operator van M-squadron in interventie uitrusting. #ddp #dutchdefencepress…
Russian Police Specnaz
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Special Forces, Dutch, Dutch Language
presidential bodyguard in South Korea [746x1110]
Dutch NLMARSOF operators in Spain.[1.250x833]
Hak 416
The Korps Mariniers is the marine corps and amphibious infantry component of the Royal Netherlands Navy.
... is made on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps CHATHAM Founded in 1665 by the famous Dutch admiral Michiel de ...
Dutch Maritime Special Operations Forces (MARSOF) during a hostage rescue operation in Arnhem today.[800x1.200]
NLMARSOF trainee on the live-fire ranges in Germany. #ddp #dutchdefencepress #
Post millitary pictures on Instagram: “Dutch DSI members🇳🇱”
KORD from Ukraine🇺🇦
NLMARSOF trainee on the firing range at Wildflecken in Germany. #ddp #dutchdefencepress #
NLMARSOF UIM operator racing to get his teammates to the waiting Chinook for extraction. #
Arrestatieteam op Curacao ------------- · nlmarsof
A member of the Royal New Zealand Navy trains with the NZ Defence Force's new LMT MARS-L rifle [1363x2048]
#Repost @marcov1 • • • • • Are you looking at me? #
DSI excercize on university campus
The highly-secretive Japanese Special Forces Group pictured training with US Green Berets [850 x 808]
DSI (dienst speciale interventies) in action. #dsi #dienstspecialeint
How important is your reputation? As a person, team, unit.. read
#Repost @dutch_defence_press ・・・ Mariniers van de NLMARSOF M-squadron van de
Verkenners van 104 JVE op de markt in Alkmaar in gesprek met burgers om informatie in
#Repost @dutch_defence_press • • • Soldiers from C (para) coy, 13
Badass #zombieapocalypseweapons
Lynx Commando #SWAT #specialforces #police #policia #polizia #photography #photojournalism the #book Slovak Police Forces [email protected]
Cadre of a Dutch marines MARSOC company discuss plans during a training exercise with an NLMARSOF
HK in Germany - Page 12
dutch_defence_press dutch_defence_press. dutch_defence_press. You looking at me? NLMARSOF operator. #ddp #dutchdefencepress #dutchsp
First Spear, Special Forces Gear, Military Suit, Tactical Helmet, Army Gears,
A member of GIPN, French police special forces, is pictured in Corcy, near Villers-Cotterets, north-east of Paris
Marechaussee BSB (Brigade Special Security Task)
Dutch police sniper taking position (DSI)
NLMARSOF operator practiding train entry during the NIO course. This course trains operators in advanced
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NLMARSOF trainees wait until they can extract from the building they raided in a live-
Eindpresentatie Port Defender 2018 op het MEA. NLMARSOF operator van M-squadron in interventie uitrusting. #ddp #dutchdefencepress… | Projeto Militar
A Dutch DSI 🇳🇱 operator during an demonstration in Barendrecht, Netherlands | November '
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The new combat uniform from UFPRO. No drop-no melt and adapted with input
NLMARSOF operators race past during counter-terrorism training. MP5 and P226 were only used
#Repost @hillejames_combatphotographer ・・・ Mannen van de @dienstspecia
NLMARSOF trainees blow a door during a live-fire CQB training
Special Forces medics are a breed of their own. #ddp #dutchdefencepress #dutchspecialforces
NLMARSOF trainees work on their CQB skills at a live fire shooting range in Germany.
Dutch DSI Hadsereg
'Operator' Eigenschap 10: Efficiënt analyseren van de opdracht. Ook moet er effectief. '
#Repost @dutch_defence_press ・・・ Almost fifty schades of grey, or grey is
#Repost @dutch_defence_press • • • • • These guys keep us safe. #
Nothing beats a column of well armed men. NLMARSOF trainees in mobility training. #
hillejames_combatphotographer. hillejames_combatphotographer. DSI (dienst speciale interventies) in action. #dsi #dienstspecialeint
hillejames_combatphotographer. DSI part II. (dienst speciale interventies) @hecklerandkoch #dsi #
Australian Army Captain Peter Prendergast (left) and Royal Australian Navy Lieutenant Sam Judd in front of an Afghan Air Force C-130 aircraft at Kabul ...
The Dutch military has a new command, NLD SOCOM. The Netherlands Special Operations Command
Dutch NLMARSOF during training in Spain 🇳🇱 ~~~~~~~~
Marsof on a ship in Rotterdam #dutchspecialforces #operator #dutchnavy
De ECO is een selectiefase in het proces van commando-worden. Die selectie is
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#Repost @hillejames_combatphotographer • • • • • DSI (dienst speciale interventies) in
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#Repost @dutch_defence_press • • • We have your back. Nieuwe taakstelling voor Natres
hillejames_combatphotographer. hillejames_combatphotographer. DSI (dienst speciale interventies) in action. #dsi #dienstspecialeint
Check out this publisher @dutch_defence_press GIGN (Groupe d'Intervention de Gendarmerie Nationale) demo at Eurosatory on Thursday.
#Repost @korpsmariniers1665 ・・・ Tijdens de jaarlijks terugkerende oefening Port Defender werken alle
#Repost @dutch_defence_press • • • Majoor Marco Kroon heeft het eerste exemplaar van zijn
Dutch DSI 🇳🇱 operators during the large scale anti-terrorism exercise "Port Defender
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Chesty Puller is the most decorated Marine in American history. And he
Als je dan toch zonodig moet opvallen, dan met eigen logo. #veiligheidshesje #
For the first time in the Netherlands, the Oshkosh JLTV. #ddp #dutchdefencepress
Fennek verkenningsvoertuig van 104 JVE op de boulevard van Egmond aan Zee tijdens een oefening in
#Repost @mellonato • • • • • Port Defender 2017 een film in samenwerking
5 hours in the shoot house, lunch catered by @missionbbq , and wrapped up
hillejames_combatphotographer. 𝙳𝚛𝚊𝚖𝚊 𝚍𝚘𝚎𝚜 𝚗𝚘𝚝 ...
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Made in the Shade. #sof #firstspear #assaulterarmorcarrier #justthetip #builtforthex #
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A mixed team from the Dutch army's Commando Regiment KCT and the Dutch marines MSO during
NLMARSOF trainees react to a threat during mobility training.
Firepower! Dutch NLMARSOF trainees discuss techniques during the SOUT (special operations in urban terrain
1819 4 11/10/2018
#Repost @dutch_defence_press • • • This morning's raid on a factory along the IJssel
Just getting on or off a ship can be freaking dangerous. Instructor from the famous
NLMARSOF onderdeel van de @dienstspecialeinterventies tijdens port defender | bron: Marine | #Arrestatieteam
Weer een prachtige tekening van @kim1008x #Dienstspecialeinterventies #msquadron #nlmarsof #portdefender #